Blue Mountain Short Term Rental Accommodation Bylaws

Like many municipalities across Ontario, The Town of the Blue Mountains has undertaken a comprehensive review of their bylaws that related to short-term accommodations or "Airbnb's" over the last few years.

While Trillium welcomes this process, as it appears to have the goal of 'levelling the playing field" and ensuring consistent rules for how short-term accommodation operate, these bylaws can be difficult to navigate.

Trillium Vacation Rental Properties & Management has the expertise you need to ensure that your property is managed in compliance with these bylaws, as the fines for not doing so can be significant.

- Exceeding Maximum Permitted Occupancy $500
- Non-availability of Responsible Person $500
- Non-availability of Rental or Lease Management Program Representative $500
- Fail to Post License $500
- Operate Without a License $2500
- Advertise without a License $500
- Failure of B&B operators to be on Site at the Premises between 23:00 and 07:00 $500
- Permit an Activity that Causes a Nuisance $250
- Use Premises Contrary to Parking Management Plan $500
- Operating without Functioning Noise Notification System where Required $500
- Use or Permit the Use of an Outdoor Hot Tub or Pool between 23:00 and 07:00 $500
- Failure to Properly Secure or Cover a Pool or Hot Tub $500
- Use or Permit the Use or Ignition of an Outdoor Fire or Fire Pit without a Permit $500
- Failure to Comply with an Order $500

As you can see from the list above, the fines can be substantial and also put you are risk of losing the ability to rent your property costing you valuable revenue.

Contact us today to ensure that you are operating in accordance with these Bylaws, and see how we can help your property be more efficient, and profitable.



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